June 20, 2007

Just shut the door.

So, I'm about to leave my office. For the last time. I no longer have a key. So guess this is it. I'm not coming back.
Kinda anti-climatic. No one is even here for me to say good-bye to, however, the two boardmembers that I worked with the most both came by the office for work today so I did say goodbye to them....

I also had TWO visitors to the office today for various things, which is kinda crazy. i never have visitors! It was also strange to think that I was giving them advice and telling them they could call the office any time, and yet I didnt know who would be helping them with any future questions or needs. meh. I feel like I'm giving up a baby or something.

In the past year I've learned a lot and I've grown a lot:
created a website, did lots and lots of data entry/data base creation, talked on the phone with elderly people for hours and hours, wrote 30 articles for the Daily Sentinel, overcame (some) my fears of asking for money face-to-face, wrote countless thank you letters and letters of recognition, planned and ran countless meetings, learned how to use quickbooks, learned about accounting and did monthly books and I helped raise the money and then give $55,000 worth of scholarships! That's pretty cool!

Yup, a lot of the things I've done I was VERY stressed out about in the process, but God was faithful to get me through every single one...AND pretty successfully! And once again, I am thankful for a job that was PERFECT for the season of life that I was in! I am continually delighted at how I have NO IDEA going in, just how great and perfect its going to be...but it ALWAYS is!!!

And so now...I leave.

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Carina said...

woo hoo! So excited! Gonna see you in two weeks!