June 27, 2007

thoughts and the like

I've been writing thank you notes. It takes me about an hour to write three. And I have found that I have a strange habit of holding my breath while I write. Odd, huh?
So, an hour and a half later-I'm totally out of breath.

I got a brandnew camera on Sunday. Mostly because I'm spoiled rotten. I've been having fun taking random pictures of things, but I'm looking forward to Friday when the real fun should begin ( Emma and Lydia arrive) . I'm going to be a picture taking crazy person.
Or just crazy. Depending on whether I'm taking pictures or not.

Lately I feel like I should be writing heaps and heaps, just to document how God has been taking care of everything, down to the tiniest detail. But, that's the thing about tiny details, it doesnt actually look that fantastical on paper, but believe me, the fact that I was able to reschedule an impossible to reschedue doctor's appointment so I could go to my Grandfather's funeral tomorrow. Well, things like that. Tiny Miracles are miracles nonetheless, and they remind you Who's in charge.
Or the fact that I'm so delighted that I get to live with my parents for a little while before getting married. I feel like every second I get to spend with my family is a completely fabulous gift right now. I feel like I just stumbled into the plan to live with them, and its turned out to be such an important detail. Dumb luck, also a tiny miracle.

I feel a lot like my camera right now, zooming in on tiny details that are usually just lost in the big picture. But, It seems to be those little details that are making life so special right now.


( My Papa holding his new tibet knife that he pretty much just carries around the house all the time, pulling it out at random times, saying "Isnt my knife cool?!")


Paul James said...

oh I think I remember a conversation regarding a new camera:

Papa: So would you rather have a new cell phone (referring to the iPhone) than a new camera?

Abbey: You would make me CHOOSE? That is SO unfair!

Brendan and I (sarcasticlly): Yeaaaah... so unfair...

well what kind of camera is it??

Carina said...

That's what I want to know too! What kind of camera? I would pick a camera over a cell phone (even an iPhone) too!

Abigail said...

it is a Nikon CoolPix S50 ( its beautiful and tiny and black...)

And, Paul, shut up you're just jealous ;-)