July 31, 2007

the difference.

Yesterday I sat on the floor of the living room for an hour becoming more and more frustrated with the stupid people at IKEA for telling me that I didnt need a drill to put together these evil bookshelves that Brett and I bought on Sunday, since it was obvious that I was going to need one, since the screws were not fitting the hole that the instructions indicated.... Five hours later when Brett came home from work it was with utter shame that the bookshelves were still in pieces on the floor. Luckily, I was ready with my excuse that we'd definitely need a drill to put those babies together....

Five minutes later Brett had a good three fourths of the shelves completed.

Anyway I'm back in the coffee house. For some reason I havent applied for the job yet. Mostly because every time I'm in here there are girls who look about 12 working behind the counter-and there is no way I'd want to ask them for a job. However, today there seem to be some more mature folks behind the counter so we'll see..

It's so odd having to start all over again on all those important aspects of life....church, friends, job. I'm currently fighting the urge to just rush into things just because I want things to be settled. Instead, I'm trying to revel in the fact that God definitely has a plan for me here.

Yesterday I went for a walk with Katie ( she's married to one of Brett's best friends here in Washington, and they live two apartments down from us.) in the park near the apartment...it was FABULOUS! I had no idea how huge this park was, or that it had a lake and what seemed like an infinent number of biking paths going off in various directions....oh! AND it has a dog park, where you can go and look at all the dogs running around....from the safe distance behind the fence. hehe. So, yes, I'm pleased that I have a quiet "rural" spot I can literally run to here....you can also see the Mountain on clear days, which I still havent gotten tired at staring at. Mount Rainier is just so impressive!

So, there are some positive aspects of Washington living. Besides the obvious one that I get to see Brett every single day I still can't get over my good luck! hehehe.


Anonymous said...

It's mind over matter when assembling anything from IKEA, especially since the pictorial directions don't always make sense. Bless our hearts. I'm sure Brett felt needed, though. ;)


dimsum said...

Yes, Mt. Ranier, where your Uncle Jim almost killed Joel. They told ME it "isn't a technical climb!"
Beautiful, isn't it? Aunt Donnave

Stacey said...

You are just so stinking fun to read about! Thanks for letting me into your world... I love it!