July 27, 2007

Friday? Really, its not monday?

So, today Brett and I had the grand plan of me going onto base with him before work ( at 6am thank you very much) so that we could go by and get me all "official" according the army. You know, with an ID and benefits and all that jazz....but it was once again not to be. ( we had tried on Monday but they wouldnt accept a copy of the marriage license -it had to be the real deal)...Brett's truck pretty much died on Hwy 5.

Luckily friends were in the area and a van was borrowed for the day...but I still havent heard what the results of the poor trucks visit to the machanic was, and it looks like we may be looking for a new vehicle. Of course, I don't know what we'll do in the mean time...

Things never seem to happen according to plan. Honestly, what's going to happen next?

Oh, incidently, I nearly burned down the apartment last night when I plastic lid slid down into the dishwasher and happily melted at the bottom. And I woke up this morning to a little stream of ants in the kitchen....honestly, I don't think I'm cracked up to be a house wife. So I better get a job for reals.


christa said...

Life is full of suprises!

Bing said...

Attempting to burn down the house and having the truck break down- sounds like domestic bliss has set in over the Wilson household :)

aggierudy3 said...

I missed you too!! You are my faithful blogging friend in a world of one post a month people. I moved into my new apartment on Sunday so I can identify with your problems. So far I've noticed that it doesn't have a shower head, a door knob on one of the bedroom doors, and the stove isn't hooked up. I knew it was going to be hard practicing to be a house wife after all these years of communial living, but I didn't know the deck was going to be so stacked against me! :)

You should totally get a barista job. They are the best ever, especially if you like coffee and get a discount. I've really enjoyed my barista gig the past few months and made a lot of friends through it.