August 22, 2007

irony. and other such stuff.

So, before you start thinking I'm, like, an awesome barista and have affectively managed to run into zero problems working in a coffee shop for a whole week. Think again.
Because, first of all, where would you get off thinking something like that of me anyway? We all know I'm a dropper.
Case in point:
Today, I was happily making a smoothie. Simple, right? I mean, all you do is pour the concentrated smoothie juice into the blender, fill the appropriate sized cup with ice, add that to blender. Turn blender on...
And this is where the "simple" ended for me today. There I was blending with the best of them, and ALL OF A SUDDEN the blender ATE the little stick thing you stick inside the blender to move the liquid around ( whatever that's called) and the top FLEW off hitting the wall and bouncing back to hit me square the chest, in the process smoothie parts are being FLUNG all over me, the wall and the floor.
I would also like to add that the apron I was wearing failed me BIG TIME, because some how all the smoothie managed to allude the front of the apron and instead sneak down the small opening between said apron and my shirt....leaving a LOT on my shirt and NOTHING on the apron.
Oh, and it got on my face, and my hair.

Of course, I blew the whole thing off, and I'm sure the person who I was making the smoothie for thought it was all part of my artistic process.....

That's all for today...I must return to the living room where I left Brett writing thank you notes. It turns out Brett takes quite a lot of pride in writing his thank you notes, because he is so proud of them he continually reads them out loud to me when he finishes, laughing to himself at his clever banter about china and sliverware. Bless him. One of the many reasons I married him. He takes writing so seriously ;-)


Carina said...

Whatever. You totally made that story up because you were jealous of my "random asian guy" story.

I have two words for you: SWISS BALL

Carina said...

(That was an incredible story)

Stacey said...

Hilarious! I wish I could have seen the smoothie in action. And bless little Brett for being so endearing. Ahhhhh!

Janis said...

I once read that Ruth Graham (Mrs. Billy G) had a plaque over her kitchen sink which read "Divine service performed here three times daily". I always liked the thought of that when all the kids were still home and I didn't have a dishwasher all those years in Chile. :-)
Aunt Janis