August 27, 2007

Hands Down ( written last night, late)

So, this past week won "Bet Week Thus Far" in a unanimous vote among me, myself and I. I can't ask Brett because he's asleep right now. Apparently the fact that I will have to wake up at 4:30 ( only a few short hours away) makes no difference to my silly body, which refuses to stop thinking and sleep. Anyway, I can't ask Brett to agree/disagree with my statement but I'd hazard a guess that he'd agree. Afterall, working half days and then getting Friday off really helps the weeks overall outlook.
It meant I got a better rested, not as stressed not as consumed with work Brett. This equals goood.
So, let's back track. Thursday night I watched Transformers the Movie with Brett. I know you're thinking, "But, Abigail ! Wait a minute, didnt you go see this movie just a few days before! Isnt that just repeating yourself?!"
We'll you'd be wrong my friend. Thurday I had the pleasure of watching the Cartoon transformers movie. A movie that, according to my sources, is far far superior to the movie currently in the theaters. Unfortunately, I was not able to vouch for this opinion, because as I was watching said movie, I was developing a headache beyond all headaches. By the time the movie was over my head had grown to the size of a large prize-winning watermelon and its weight was something along the lines of a cannon ball. Suffice to ay, I have not have a migraine that bad in a long long time. In fact, it was sooo bad that, while I thought I was going to die, I did not have the energy to say so....which was a good indicator to Brett that things were in fact serious ( Usually, I am beyond vocal about my current state of wellbeing or lack thereof). The headache had subsided some by friday-but let me tell you, it has been such a whopper that its reared its ugly head several times this weekend. Nasty. I must not be use to some sort of pressure system or allergy action up here...

In other news, not relating to my health. Another reason this eek was so levely in my eyes was that we were actually social. We had people over on Thursday. Friday. And Saturday!
*sigh* I couldn't have been happier.
Of course, today as I was washing a hug mound of dishes for the fourth time in a row I decided that my new ministry was turning out to be dish washing. Which was kind of a shock. But, I think the most shocking thing was that I didnt really even mind!
I am still finding odd satisfaction in feeding people and then washing their dishes while they play video games afterwards. This is odd, because it goes against all my feminist wiles. I mean, ME be some sort of "girl in the kitchen"!? Shocking!!

I've decided the main reason it's ok, is that it was my choice. And every time I've done the dishes I've had at least one person offer to help, or take over entirely. ( such well behaved boys!)

Another cool thing about this weekend, was that I got to get a teensy tiny taste of the coolness that is Seattle. Of course, the taste was ruined by bad weather, horrible traffice, and a whole hoard of evil tourists, but even with all that, I could still tell that I really like Seattle and that it had a lot of potential for cool atmosphere in the future ( preferably a weekday, with good weather, and therefore less tourists and much better traffic).
I am now praying for someone cool to go back to Seattle with, someone who wont mind stopping every few seconds to take pictures or just browse in some shop or other. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

You, me, Seattle...someday.

I just started school today. It's going to be quite a semester. However, that is nothing new. ;)


Hung said...

"Of course, the taste was ruined by bad weather, horrible traffice, and a whole hoard of evil tourists..."

I thought that WAS Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me! I loooooove Seattle!! (teehee! Are you surprised??) Aunt Donave