August 06, 2007

no particular order.

Brett had Friday off ( which makes up a teensy bit for him working from 6 to 6 practically every day). So we were able to get me an Army ID card. I feel so powerful now. We also got me sorta/kinda signed up for health care....lots of red tape. But, I'm praying really hard right now that as my paper work goes through and I get assigned to a doctor that I get a really really good one!

We also bought dining room chairs this weekend, Brett finished the sixth Harry Potter book-so a good portion of the weekend I spent saying ( 1am) "Brett turn out the light...its late!" and reading out loud to him while he put the dining room chairs together.

We watched the Bourne Ultimatum, which I recommend because how can you NOT like Jason Bourne who is good at EVERYTHING and also doesnt like that he's a killer?! ;-)

I went blackberry picking with Katie at the park across from where we live ( I TOLD you it was a great park, but I had no idea the depths of its greatness!! we saw two baby bunnies while we walked to the blackberry patch!) and then I made a Blackberry buckle. From scratch.


I dont want my amazing talents of going out and picking my own berries and then making something out of them to get lost in the rest of this post-so just take a moment to let that sink in....

Today I'm getting the guest room ready for my parents who should apparently be arriving from their long trek across the country to bring me my car late this afternoon!!! How exciting.

I did realize yesterday that I have been subconsciously putting off doing a lot of things until "after my parents leave" just because it seemed like thats really when things get all nitty gritty. So here's hoping that I dont flip out when I realize I've got two million thank you letter's to write and a whole life to start up once they leave. :-)


christa said...

yay! Enjoy the visit with your parents.

Anonymous said...

Cross off one thank you from that list...your Uncle Jim and I know that you love us and appreciate us. You make that so very clear in all of your actions toward us. Just enjoy that family visit!!! Love you!
Aunt Donnave

Stacey said...

I hope you have a great time with your parents and that you truly enjoy the re-birth experience of having a car again!