August 08, 2007

the gift ( card).

My parents left early this morning. I was definitely sad to see them go! I really had so much fun hanging out with them, and I better not say any more about how much I will miss getting to do that on a weekly basis, or I will definitely cry.

But, it was good to show them around my "small sphere" of my life thus far...and I look forward to a "proper" visit in the future where we'll actually DO stuff! Instead I spent a goodly part of the past two days sorting out all the wedding presents that brought in my car! whew!

After the parents left, I went to Target and Pier1 to drown my homesick sorrows in some good old fashion shopping. And boy did I buy stuff! But, you know how much it ALL cost me?! $5.25

That's right. Gift Cards are my new favorite thing.

Anywho. I've saved the juiciest piece of news till now...

An hour or so ago I got a call from the coffee house owner offering me a job ( after a short painless interview over the phone where I waxed eloquent about myself).
I'm kinda in shock about it, to be honest. Like I said in my previous post, in a lot of ways I had not "started" my life in earnest here in Washington...but I felt that after my parents left, with nothing else to look forward to from my "comfortable old life", I might as well put my head down and get at it.
But so soon!?!

The only problem with the coffee house job ( it seems pretty sweet so far. did you know that minimum wage in Washington is $7.92?! hahaha. and i get free coffee. And learn how to MAKE good coffee.) is that I would probably have to work at least one shift during the weekend ( about four hours). Brett will not like this. Neither will I. So, continue to pray that I have wisdom about what to do. Ultimately, I have said that whatever job i get shouldnt get in the way of my time with Brett...

*sigh* decisions, decisions.

In other, less complicated news... I think I'm going to bake bread this week ( with the help of my totally awesome bread maker that i got from my Aunt Janis and Uncle Mike. Woo Woo!

I also hope to FINALLY get the last touches done to the apartment ( aka. put things on the walls) so I can take my "after" pictures and blow all of you blog readers out of the water with my before and after shots. Oh the magic I have worked on this place. ;-)


Trinity Scott said...

You posted while I was trying to put Noah down for his nap. That's how impossible he was about going down for his nap today. He has been falling asleep in my lap after about 15 minutes but not today. Just thought I'd share! :-)

Esther said...

I love you sooo much . . .

And I saw an insanely adorable pair of red heels the other day, so I started mising you of course because you would have said "Esther, buy them" and maybe I actually would have (oh well, there's always tomorrow;)

And I'm at Java Jack's . . .

And I have firmly made up my mind to write you (on paper actually) an extraordinarily long epistle, and send it (through the U.S. Postal Service actually) one day very soon.

Meaning within two weeks . . . maybe

Anonymous said...

You have to do what is good for your sanity. I say go for it if it will give you joy and give you the social interaction you need. Brett may need some alone time on the weekends-that is when he can do his book reading! Sorry Brett.

Talk about it and I am sure you will find something that will be what you both need if this isn't it. We are praying for you both.

Pierre-Etienne said...

Coffee job? Wont help your addiction to caffeine ;-)

Janis said...

We're glad to know that the bread maker arrived safely! You never know about online shopping,or, at least, I'm always anxious about it. Hope it works!
It is so much fun fixing up your first home together! I remember ours fondly, and while you'll have many other places to decorate (I anticipate that you'll move a few more times in your marriage!), this will always be the first place you have together.
Lots of love,
Janis, Mike & Jon

Anonymous said...

so excited for advice about the coffee house job is pretty much the same. 4 hours is probably okay...he could need that time alone. remember that he is with people all day every day, while you sit waiting for him to come home. ;-) of course, i am, ask him. love you both.
Aunt Donnave

Em said...

just make the weekend shift early saturday morning - it's not like you would let brett interact with you at that time anyway...

Lyds said... true Em. But maybe that woud get you fired Abbey??? Well, I guess you could always be assured of your caffine kick start though.