August 20, 2007

reaping my reward

So, today was my first FULL shift of work. It was relatively painless, of course, I still have a constant babysitter to get me out of trouble if I get too overloaded, or I have a mind blank and somehow can't remember for the life of me how to do anything. But, never the less, I was still very proud when I sat down for my 15 minute break with a latte I'd made with my own two hands, and it wasnt half bad!!! SHOCKING!!!
I was so excited I texted Christa :-) This afternoon was extra nice because Brett got off work early. In fact, he tells me that he'll get off early for the next two weeks because his Unit is on mass leave or something of that nature ( I'm sure it has a technical name that alludes me at the moment). Of course, I will believe it when I see it ( Brett getting off early).
In fact, we bet on it.
I lost 500 dollars today since he did, infact, get off early.
I feel like its 500 dollars I'm happy to loose if it means I get to hang out with Brett.

Incidentally, in case you are wondering, Brett and I will often find ourselves differing in opinion on various things ( shocking, I know) but at times like that we will often bet on who is right. We always bet $500 because its a nice number. I am sure one day I'll call in my debts and Brett will owe me thousands but till then I'm happy to rest in the fact that I am right (sometimes). ;-)

Soooo, this afternoon was good. We went and saw Transformers. Brett had already seen it with his brothers, but I felt like I needed to experience the movie too. I am really glad I did. It gave me such a clear picture of what Brett was like as a little boy ;-)

We also got mail today. Really good mail ( not just circulars for Target and RiteAid). I got a REAL letter from Esther. Which, of course, made me miss her terribly. And we got two books from my parents!!! Yay!!!

Of course, two new books puts me in quite the moral quandary (ummm...not really). Since, just yesterday I realized I was currently reading four books at once-something I NEVER do!!!! I decided then and there I would focus on one until it was through and then move on to the next and so on...
but now, now I am EVER so tempted to start yet another one. Just a taste...

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