August 19, 2007


I KNOW! I said I was going to post every day! And then I didn't.

But, I have excuses:

Brett finally returned to me ( in all his stinky-I-havent-showered-in-three-days glory) on Thursday night...and so I got to see him for a few hours before Friday happened and I spent ALLLLL DAAAAAAAY in the apartment by myself watching Lonely Girl 15 on Youtube-yes I am that lame. ( weather wasnt the best and brett took the car to work. boo.)

Once again, this whole being couped up with no life did wonders for my personality and I was an absolute DE-light when Brett got home from work ( sarcasm included). poor guy.
But, I had to pray hard because almost immediately after getting home from work we had to head to a work-FUNCTION. Meaning, *i* had to go and meet all sorts of people, people Brett works with, Brett's wasnt a DREADFUL time by any means, but combine my already negative attitude + freezing weather+ forced to be outdoors at a "picnic" +food being an hour and a half late+ meeting new people and was hard.
I am, however, glad that I got to put some faces with some names...and it was kind of interesting to be able to make some first impressions for myself about these people that Brett spends MOST of his time with.
Oh. And the Brigade gave me flowers to welcome me. awwwwwww.

In other news, yesterday Brett and I were absolute grown ups. We bought a car.
Yup, we sure did. And now, for better or for worse we are the proud owners of a 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid. We got a pretty good deal since the car had already had one owner who had driven the car for a grand total of 2,000 miles. hehehe. So, that worked out. Of course, I always said I would NEVER EVER buy a white car ( since that is pretty much the only thing my parents drive and you know what they say about kids rebelling....)'d be surprised what the enticements of a good deal will do to change your opinion.

Ok! So now you're officially caught up on my ultra exciting life and times. I think Brett and I are going to see Transformers this afternoon ( I STILL havent seen it!) as part of a winding down process in preparation for next week. Tomorrow. First day of official work.


Yo Mama said...

FREEZING! Was it really freezing? It's August...whatever happened to August being the best month for Washington?

Trinity said...

A word of wisdom from the militarily-experienced . . . when the paper work gets frustrating for things like stickers on your cars, just remember, it's a matter of national security, i. e. keeping your husband safe . . . besides, you like stickers, remember? :-) (That's supposed to be a cheesy, goofy grin, but I don't know how to do that in computer speak.)
Also, that book I gave you is a step-by-step guide to budgeting, including Biblical and real-life motivation for following through . . . as I said, looks boring from the outside, but really good information.

Trinity said...

One more thing . . . check into whether or not owning a hybrid is still a tax write-off . . . I think it was being sunsetted out, but they may have revived it, especially with a Democratic Congress! (That's the nerdy accountant speaking; don't worry, James makes the appropriate fun of me.)

Bing said...

Props on the Prius. You guys are such hippies! Actually, at the in NZ, there are currently billboards celebrating "people" who turn off their lights- stupid advertising campaign, but great promo for being responsible for what we have.
So you guys (or someone like you) would totally be on a billboard somewhere :)