September 05, 2007

all work, and no blogging...

I'll be honest, I'm stressed out about my perscriptions. It's been on my mind for at least a month. I've got about a week and a half before they all run out. And then we'll really be in trouble. However, I'm sure I'm just over reacting. I'm sure that the beaurocracy that is the military healthcare system will come through and I'll get what I need just in time. I'm sure all my prayers will be answered. And probably the fact that I'm worrying is a lack of faith on my part.

Because I know things are going to turn out ok....somehow.

In other news I'm currently working the 11am to 4:30 shift. Its pretty slow, but tips havent been half bad. So I guess we'll call it a draw, since I am currently blogging from work. There is some odd since of comfort in the continuity of the jobs that God has given that I am able to write at each of them. It makes me feel like I should be writing something more worthwhile...considering this blog has stood the test of three jobs, and have we gotten anything substancial from my writing throughout any of that?! I suppose that remains to be seen.

I just had our resident crazy guy steal tips from the tip jar when I was busy with a customers order early. To be honest I was ticked off with him. I think that has to be the rudest form of I am "slaving away" and he takes my money while I'm not looking. jerk. Luckily he only took one or two dollars. I suppose it could have been worse.

This evening we're having Wes over for dinner, Wes just moved here from Georgia. Brett actually lived with Wes's family when he was living in Georgia and it makes me happy that we can continue the friendship they started there. I also really identify with Wes and what he's going through at the moment. I remember going off to New Zealand when I was fresh 18....and Wes, well he'll be turning 18 in a month or so...and he's already made some big decisions and moved across the country. I'm impressed. And at the same time I dont care how many important grown up decisions a person makes, they should still get to act like a 17 year old every once and a while...which is why I think Wes and I can be friends-I act like a 17 year old most of the time. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

how did your huge dinner with the recipe turn out? I miss you, abbey. and, i found a card here (in my car) from your wedding...i need to mail that. aunty donnave