September 10, 2007


So, last night at 6pmish, without warning I was informed that Brett was going to be gone for a week. Next week to be exact. The week of our one year anniversary...oh, and yeah, did I mention it was NEXT week?!

I'm not going to complain about it more than stating those facts, except to say that you dont know how totally and completely fragile and weak you are until one thing throws you for a loop and you have to wear your glasses to work on a Monday morning...not because of seeing exactly, just more so that people dont notice how rediculously puffy my eyes are this morning.

Honestly, I'm surprised at myself.

Of course, I'm already trying really hard to come up with something to make next week better....Hopefully, I'll get to work a lot...that'll keep me busy.
I'm actually working a lot this week, every day except Friday and Saturday! That's right, my first weekend shift is this Sunday. But, luckily its only a training shift so I'll be able to make it to church.

I'm still trying hard to get use to the church situation. Chapel is definitely not what I'm use to, and I'd almost resigned myself to the dead enviroment until this week when Wes, who is one of the Navigator leaders here at Fort Lewis ( Brett and I go to a Bible Study of his on Thursdays) preached this Sunday-and the whole PLACE was makes me sad that the Chaplins are obviously considering this congregation just one of their many jobs, it shows. However, at the same time I am more and more resolved that it is where we are suppose to be, the people there deserve some life and I got a great email from Tabitha that was a great encouragment to me regarding my place in a church enviroment....of course, it means I have to be more proactive myself in going out and finding what I need to have a healthy spiritual life...


Tda said...

since you're going to be without Brett next week... you'll have time to have a chat with me then :)
Thursday evening of next week (your time)is good for me
Love you darling

christa said...

Im sorry! I wish I could be there that way we could do all sorts of fun girly things. I am going to try and call you. How about friday?