September 01, 2007


My sister is possibly the funniest person I know. She makes me laugh until my sides hurt and I have to gasp for air. The weird thing is, yesterday, after I got off the phone with her I remembered that even when I lived in New Zealand and I had the chance to talk to her on the phone, I would laugh till I cried-and we werent even great friends then! Not that being great friends with someone makes you laugh harder, I'm just saying my sister's been one of the most hilarious person since forever. So there. I makes me really proud she's my sister....and it also makes me sad that all the people I meet here haven't had the privilege of knowing her.

Really all my friends that are now scattered from here to the ends of the earth...I wish I could carry everyone around in my pocket!

So, today Brett has staff duty, meaning he'll be at work from about 6pm tonight until 6am in the morning. Boo! At the same time it'll prepare me for the inevitable of next week when the Army will essentially ask me for my husband back and thus the fight for time with Brett will officially recommence. Incidentally, next week I am going to my first "Buffalo Coffee" ( the Buffalo is, like, the mascot of Brett's brigade...and I bet I'd get in trouble for equating it with a mascot...but really that's what it is, isnt it?! ) with the other 'officers wives'....I'm getting ready to get my 'polite/chatty' face on. It'll be a nice change of pace from my usual company- single boys... so, see? I'm already being ultra positive about my forced socializing! good for me!

This evening I will, hopefully, get to do some NONforced socializing with "the girl who I helped with her budgeting" who will now be known as, Leah, her husband is coming home for about 9 months ( hopefully) on Tuesday-and I just so happen to know how annoyingly slow those last few days before someone finally gets home I hope to take advantage of Brett's staff duty tonight and hang out with her! She's seriously a cool person ( a concert violinist from Alaska, just to name a few quick cool tidbits) and hopefully I'll get to hang out with her even after her husband returns....the army is odd like that, it makes everyone ultra selfish with there time, including myself....I still have so much to learn about this odd, odd world....


Tabitha said...

Your sister IS amazing and I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to meet her. She was one of those people that make me think that I totally wanted to be like her when I grew up.

Carina said...

Abigail...WHO will the single boys hang out with when you are gone? WHO? SOMEONE...THINK OF THE SINGLE BOYS!!!

Anonymous said...

exactly!! the poor single boys!!
Aunt Donnave