August 30, 2007

Missing people

I'm missing people like crazy today. I dont know exactly what happened, but I woke up this morning homesick for so many friends it took a while to pray for them all ( that's what I do when I'm homesick for someone).
Anyway, I love you, and even if I havent talked to you in a long time-I miss you.


And just so I dont start blubbering or something, Brett and I are loving Heroes. I think so far my favorite part is how excited Brett is about it. He's just so nerdy and cute. Of course, yesterday was record-awful because Brett didnt get home till 4 ( which I didnt know was going to happen- you know, me and PLANS) and all I wanted to do while I was waiting for him was watch Heroes. My self-control was incredible.
I should also mention that I'm probably going to need double the amount of prayers once Brett's work schedule goes back to normal-it is almost as if I forgot all about 6am-6pm...these last two weeks have been so terrific.


Anonymous said...

Heroes is one of my favorite shows (quickly replacing Lost because stuff actually HAPPENS). I am glad you like it. :)

Also, I'm sorry you're missing people. It happens to me once in a while...


Anonymous said...

We all love you here in C-Town. Aunt Doonnave