September 20, 2007

thursday. one. more. day.

So, yesterday, I had lunch with Michelle ( my Locoste friend that gave me her number) at this ADORABLE french restaurant down by the Sound in Steilacoom. it was a beautiful day, sunny ( not warm) and the water positively sparkled. And I ate Creme Brulee because, the restaurant was name La Creme Brulee so I figured it was a good bet. It was.
It was also interesting to learn about a new person, Michelle's husband is coming back from Iraq this week...they have never actually lived together even though they've been married for over a year...that's the army for you!

I also got a pedicure yesterday, it was kinda expensive and not really the best experience ever-but, hey, there is only one way to find out about these places, right? And at least my toes are really pretty now. ;-)

I am looking forward to some phone dates today, as much as I've enjoyed the past few days of new friends-no one can replace the ones I already have! I miss you guys! :-)

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