September 19, 2007


So, I drove into Seattle last night, turned a corner and there I was-in the middle of the "student ghetto". ( where University of Washington and Southern Pacific University collide). It was SO MUCH like Dunedin ( down to the weather, the hills, the random ethnic food stalls pressed up against clothing stores and coffee shops) with the young people everywhere that I felt this odd since of loneliness and homesickness all at once. It was hard to explain at the time, but it was if I realized I was no longer part of that type of society. Everyone there was in some cool club that I couldnt join....a club where all you really worry about is making it to class and possibly going to some part time job that really just bankrolls your fun....

At the same time I didnt really want to join. I do not envy anyone new having to come into that enviroment of Washington University and deciding where they fit in all the...heathen-ness ( that's the best way to discribe it). I was reminded of the newness of arriving in Dunedin and being shocked and excited all at the same time, possibilites and pitfalls all in the same place....

But, before I could really hyperventilate for all the nostaligic stress, I found a vintage clothing store that BLEW MY MIND!!! I bought two fantastic sweaters ( one a sweater dress) and an adorable shirt....all name brands and in perfect condition for low low prices ( I wont even tell you how much I paid, you'll be too jealous). And then it was time to meet my new friend Brittany.
We ate at this Mongolian grill, where you pick all these fresh veggies/meats/noodles and sauces through a buffet type line and then give it to the grill guy and he grills it all up for you! Genius!
So, my blind date with Brittany went really well, I liked her immediately and we hit it off on all types of topics. I am now just pondering how best I can be a friend to her in this coming year. She is working as a missionary with the students on the University campus and I live about an hour ( in good traffic) away from her. But, after talking to her I know that catching up with her will definitely be a benefitual thing. We are in "technically" very different situations, and yet also very similar struggles and I enjoyed giving her a few peptalks regarding the getting started and not doubting ones place and purpose in such a new and different enviroment....and even as I talked, I realized the pep talk was just as much for me as it was for her.

So, as I headed home from Seattle, passing the glowing sky line of Seattle's downtown, I was struck that I'd been given my answer. My time away from Brett will never be without things to do-because I'm just as special to God as an individual as I am as a couple...sure, that seems simple, but it was if I forgot that fact. That my purpose was somehow stripped because he was gone-but, let me tell you, there are things-like sitting and talking for hours with another girl that Brett, bless him, would neither enjoy or benefit....and yet, I know that is part of my life that I will never give up. There will always be girls that I need to have bosom chats with, girls to laugh and help and love and cry with....I havent met all these girls yet, and some I am just getting to that point of 'depth' with, and yet it was confirmed that its something I love doing. It was interesting something that Brittany said last night, in almost a surprised voice,

Even though I am working as a missionary, where I am purposefully trying to build relationships with people and figure out where I can fit into peoples lives and help them towards Christ. That isn't different from what you are doing at all!

Yes, indeed. And if I can show Brittany ( and myself) that we are ALL called to a mission field of type and that it is truly our purpose and calling every single day-whether we get our funds for living from a coffee shop job or from a church pay check-we all have the same job. And last night it was confirmed, once again, that God has not completely taken away my ability to have meaningful relationships with girls-just because I'm surrounded by boys all day.



Anonymous said...

Did you eat at Hu-Hot? I love Mongolian BBQs, but I still can't figure out what is "Mongolian" about them. ;)

I'm so glad you had a great time! And that you figured out that YOU are still you. I guess it's easy to forget.

Love ya,

S.P. said...

That's so great and a great reminder. Thank you.

Oh! And we totally digg Mongolian Grill too! So Yummy! Or as your sister would say, Nummy!

And by the way, it's Haas here again... I keep changing my "name." This won't be the end of it either... I like to keep people guessing, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Isn't God absolutely amazing?? I'd say that you two are in the same situation, too. I just love that He brought the two of you together.
I love Mongolian Grill, also...the closest I have found to Szechuan in the U.S. Aunt Donnave