October 06, 2007

modern medicine.

It is amazing to finally take drugs that are specifically for what you have and are not just over the counter "feel a little better for an hour" drugs.

Today I feel moderately better than yesterday. Of course, yesterday was record low with me on the bathroom crying about how I couldnt breath followed shortly by projectile tomatoe soup....honestly. Poor Brett. I dont know how many stars he got in his crown in heaven, I lost count after about fifty....Anyway, so today I'm feeling mildly better, breathing a lot easier although my throat hurts-which is a new symptom. nice.

In other news, Brett bought me the sixth season of Gilmore Girls, and has even suffered through many episodes with me-only making snide comments after several hours. Honestly, what a great show. And I think it's teaching him even more about women-kind than he'd ever want to know.

Anyway, just didnt want to leave everyone hanging with yesterdays bad news....I think I'm going to live.


Anonymous said...

Gilmore girls!! YAY! Honestly I think that might have played a part in you feeling better! Drugs might have something to do with it... but I am putting my money on Gilmore girls! :)

I am glad that you are feeling a little better, hopefully there will not be the onset of any new symptoms. :)

I really like the blog ... I feel like I am getting to know you so much better.. :)

Well I am praying for you guys!


Anonymous said...

We are greatly relieved you are feeling better but will continue to pray for you both.

Love you,
Yo Mama

Louise said...

Hope you keep getting better :)

Anonymous said...

Have been out of touch recently (out of town, no computer) and just read about the pneumonia/tuberculosis. Definitely praying for you...and Brett! Love, Aunt Donnave