October 09, 2007

healthy living...

So, I've gotten so many emails from friends over the last few days commenting on how I get sick so often! Boy, I agree. And last night, when I couldnt sleep I vowed that I was going to start taking a multi-vitamin.
I know. lame, right? Like a multi-vitamin is going to stop the pheumonia. But, SERIOUSLY, here people, I'm getting a bit desparate! I mean, I exercise, get good sleep, eat healthy-ish, I dont smoke, I dont drink....what more can we ask?!
So, multi-vitamin it is.

As for the pheumonia. I am officially, "out of the woods"....or something.
I went and saw the pulmonlogist (spelling? meh.) today and he was like, "looks good, very important that you got on antibiotics right away, you'll be good as new...oooooh.....around christmas."

Yup, long recovery period. Of course, this sucks because if you could see my bathroom floor right now, you'd know that I need to be doing more than watching Gilmore Girls and naping all day.... I hate making Brett clean things he doesnt even notice, but bathroom floors and bathtubs are pretty much not on his radar at all, bless him...they are on mine, unfortunately ( not for any one than visits us, however).
And speaking of visitors, this is SUCH a bad time for me to be "recovering" for 8 weeks....I reeeeally wanted to go to some of the fall festivals around the area, I wanted to go shopping to buy Brett a winter coat that ISNT a jersey hoodie ( how he's lived without me is beyond my comprehension...of course, I have three coats, two jackets and a million sweaters and look which one of us has pheumonia...), I wanted to go to the Dashboard Confessionals Concert at the end of this month ( but would it be RIGHT?! to be out so late, at a concert when you're "recovering"???), plus I've got to do some serious scouting work for the preparation of the visitors who are taking up the month of November ( yay! Louise, The Parents, Josh, Anna and Ryan....), oh, and did I mention I'd like to be feeling all recovered for my BIRTHDAY and THANKSGIVING?!
I'm bummed, being sick stinks.

In other news, my doctor ( can't pronounce his russian name) was very cool and felt like it was crazy that anyone even MENTIONED that I had TB....he also showed me my awesome chest x-ray, which showed my pheumonia ALL over my right lung! It looked incredibly cool, and also really explained why I cant breath well...


Louise said...

You never know, you may get better faster than he expects :) I'm just looking forward to hanging out, if that means we are at your apartment most of the time thats fine with me!! Woo woo, less than a month till I leave :)

Katie Middlebrook said...

This won't necessarily make you feel better, but I thought of you when I saw the pretty floral cupcakes half way down this blog. I bet you can find cupcakes that pretty in Seattle :):

Anonymous said...

All that ime spent with radiologists no doubt made you appreciate your chest x rays even more. Most people wouldn't know the difference if they were looking at them upside down. But you "know" about such things.
Glad you're feeling better.

Yo Mama

Anonymous said...

oops, that's "time" not "ime".

christa said...

I am glad that it is just pneumonia and not tb. But about the whole being sick all the time thing, I think it's your body trying to get used to the new climate that you have found yourself in. I mean seriously, you went from hot and humid to cold and wet. Just give yourself time and you will get used to it. althoug vitamins aren't a bad idea. Love you.
Please e-mail me sometime soon.

S.P. said...

I'm glad you are on your way to recovery! I bet you have been getting sick so often because you are living in a new area. The immune system has to build itself up, you know? Don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Because I don't. I'm just speculating. And I'm good at that.

Anonymous said...

your dr. has no idea the general ability of your body to bounce back...the original party girl! Aunty D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Abigail I am sorry you have/had pneumonia. Hang in there and don't feel bad about being under the weather.
How great that you will have so much family in town for November! Party!