October 29, 2007


I'm bored.
This has become a common occurance in the last week or so ( and shall continue to be so, probably). I get home from work at 4:30 and then from then until 6:30-till anytime towards 8 I wait around for Brett to get home.
I should PROBABLY find something really productive to do, but so far the only thing I do is cook dinner. Since my cooking dinner skills are not martha stewart by any means this doesnt take that long, bringing us back to bored. And since tonight I'm making waffles and bacon and eggs ( something you dont really pre-prepare for) I'm really bored.

Today I looked at all the pictures that I have been tagged in on Facebook...they span a good five to eight years of my life which is kinda weird to see all mixed together like that but here's a good one that wasnt taken very long ago...don't ask what I'm doing...who knows.-but that's definitely not productive.
So I made a comprehensive grocery list for Thanksgiving. I know its early-but I'm so excited about it, plus come next week Louise will be visiting (YAAAAAAAY!) and I definitely will not have time to make such lists....and then, low and behold it'll be the time to go shopping for thanksgiving and therefore now the list is done ( or almost...I am still missing a recipe from my mom.)

Anywho, my throat hurts. This is upsetting on several levels, one, I dont like sore throats-they hurt. Two, I have yet to have a week go by without SOME sort of ailment. *sigh*

This week is Halloween or the holiday which *I* dress up for-Reformation Day....on the way to Bible Study last night I constructed the easiest possible costumes for Brett and I....we will be....Luke and Loreli from the Gilmore Girls. This will either be funny or will fail drastically. I'll let you know.

And speaking of said Bible Study, apparently I am suppose to memorize TWELVE scriptures this week. Honestly. I've never been big on memorizing bible verses ( I am pretty good at paraphrasing them-and I had always felt that was good enough...) and NOW I'm suppose become a superstar at it in, like, five days. Christian growth, here I come.

oooo...I just got a text message from Brett saying he was going to be at work a "while longer"....its already 6:30.

Army Wife Tip of the Week: Do not calculate up how much your husband gets paid by the hour, you will only realize he is slave labor and that will only make you mad(er)...so just DONT DO IT...even if you ARE bored.


Paul James said...

do note that the words "salary" and "slavery" are awfully similar... ;-)

S.P. said...

I am totally saddened to learn that I have NEVER heard of Reformation day. Where have I been all my Christian life? Geez. What a loser I am. Is it really, really true that Luther nailed the 95 thesis on Oct 31st???