October 26, 2007


Pretty much nothing I wanted to do today happened.
I wanted to get the military stickers for the Prius ( FINALLY!)...and when through an two hour rigamaroll ( is that how you spell that? Is it even one word?!) that included a fire drill ( dont ask) to finally be told that because the car was in Brett's name I could not get the stupid stickers. BOO!!! I just need to go ahead with the inevitible and get power of attorney...of course who knows how long that'll take me to get done! :-( meh.

I wanted to talk to my sister. But i suppose busy lives on BOTH ends make this nearly impossible. I am currently using self control to not leave her more voice mails. ( after all I can leave a very long-winded voice mail when pressed).

However, while I didnt get the things on my short list accomplished I am making Kielbass soup-yay! Thanks to Stacy for the recipe...and I did visit Wes at his work at the evil empire of Starbucks where I got a FREE drink ( because I won a bet. yessssss. I am "vindicated" ) and I am making cookies....and Brett will be home from work...soon...hopefully....and then the weekend can finally start.
Boy, its been a long time coming. This week has been hard

How many words can one person make in italics?!


christa said...

What about your phone call from me?? That didn't help brighten your day?

Anonymous said...

Just returned from a Lamp-Lite Theatre production of Joseph and his Technicolor Coat...Katie Scifres was head belly dancer. Fun times!

Yo Mama