October 01, 2007

totally hot stuff!

So, soon after my last post on Thursday ( was that when that was?!) I had a very near breakdown at work...I had no idea just how HARD my job actually is, until I was using all of my strength to continue standing up right and not passing out-and then I realized that my job requires a lot of patience ( didnt have any of that), multitasking ( none), and a LOT of fast moving ( definitely not) ....it started slowly enough, a few customers trickled in, I was freezing and wearing three layers of clothing, but waiting on them wasnt too much for me...but then the line behind them started to get longer and longer, and people with screaming babies demanding toasted pizza-bagels arrived and I went from freezing to sweating profusely relatively quickly...
I'll leave out the details of me crying a few tears into my apron behind the counter, but lets just say I prayed for a solid two hours that I would be able to make it till 4:30.
I did.
I made it, and then I "lived" in bed or on the couch for the next three days....make that four, because today this is really the first time I've been up in the vertical position and I'm not really liking it that much, to be honest. My head is way stuffy and I'm coughing continually and while the fevers have subsided-I've felt way better....but I'm testing the waters of "living" again, just to see if its possible to maybe spread some of these flu germs other than on my husband, but maaaaybe on some customers, hmmm?
( but seriously, every time I was whimpering in a shivering/sweating ball I was also praying really really hard that Brett didnt catch whatever evil early-flu I had...and you can continue to help me pray this prayer, because as HORRIBLE HELL as it was for me, at least I could take the day off today...its way harder to tell Army that. ( I watched a lot of Arrested Development this weekend).

So, while I continue to push myself to stay in the upright position I must tell you that one good thing has come from this sickness ( not really, I stretch)...Brett bought a themometer. Holy Cow! In the Abt family that was possibly one of the greatest weapons of sickness a child could use-of course it was a gamble. I mean, no one ever ever argued with a fever ( even a teeny tiny one...my mother delighted in fevers) but then again, if you didnt have one your sickness just might be questioned and that could lead down a road you didnt really want to go down...buuuut, nonetheless...as a child who very rarely had fevers I always felt a little bit triumphant when I did produce a few decimal points more than your typical 98.6.
And, to tell you the truth I was a bit relieved that it wasnt all in my head and that my feelings of impending death were being brought on by the 102.7, 103.5 tempature action my body was producing...however the relief was short lived and followed by tears.
And speaking of short lived if this post seems to be ending abruptly that's because it is....my head feels like its going to explode. Apparently 45 minutes is my maximum time frame.
Back to bed and Season Two of The Office....

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Abbey! The flu is the most awful of awfuls!!!! Theraflu works for me (actually, probably a really stiff hot toddy would work , too). It knocks me out and if I can sleep for about 16-18 hours straight, I am much better.
Also, just remember, you probably have a low temperature to begin with. Check it when you are well...if it runs below normal, then your fever is much higher than most people's when it only reads 99. So, hah! You can really hold that over your parents' head that you were really much sicker than they ever believed. :-) Love you, Aunt Donnave
p.s. I also sent you and Brett a hug, but I'm not sure that it ever sent! bah.