September 27, 2007

guilty sleep.

Honestly! I wish I didnt feel guilty when I decide to not do certain things- I mean, come on! I made the decision, deal with it!
Silly mind.

I'm not feeling well. Not well at all. Its kinda silly too. I dont have very defined symptoms besides, "every bone in my body wants to fall off" and "my throat is thirsty all the time"

I dont feel like those should be reasons for me to just STOP life, but basically I laid on the couch for six hours after work yesterday, only to get up to re-fill my water bottle and pee....oh, and i did get up at one point and dusted the entire living areas of our house and do basic "clean up"...because, "dog gone it, I'd said I was going to clean house today and no stupid aching was going to stop me!" In truth I felt horrible and I still do, after sleeping 12 hours last night.
Yet, even with all that I feel guilty, I feel guilty that I havent cleaned the whole apartment, that I havent emailed people back that I know I need to, that I havent finished Bible Study for tonight, that I didnt get up with Brett this morning at 4:30.


Louise said...

Hey, hope you are feeling better soon. You know, if someone had told me in first year that you would one day choose to get up at 4:30 I would have laughed...don't feel bad about sleeping when you are sick, it's a good thing to do! :)

Trinity said...

Wait until you feel guilty about sleeping when you're pregnant! That's a good one, too.

Anonymous said...

Remember, sleep is when your body does its repair work! Love you, Aunt Donnave

katie said...

hope you get to feeling better. we should talk again soon. i need it.