November 26, 2007


That's what time Brett said he'd be home tonight. So I figure I've got some time to blog... first of all, today was a day of Mail-Love.
I got THREE packages in the mail plus a birthday card. Thus the Birthday love continues :-). I'm terribly spoiled by all of you wonderful people who sent me sweet messages, cards, texts, phonecalls and packages. I've got the best friends/family in the world. Seriously.

In other news, our neighbors mike and katie brought back a sweet stomach virus with them from their thanksgiving break. I've only thrown-up once but I've felt pretty "ew" all day....just praying its a twenty-four hour thing...or maybe 48 hours. I could handle that. But NO MORE THAN THAT. Seriously, who else thinks I'm in the running for "sickest girl of the year"?!

I watched The Producers today. I never got around to seeing it when it came out a yearish or so back....and I gotta tell you, Matthew Brodrick with his little "security blanket" was hysterical!

I also worked with my boss today. He wasnt nearly as critical as he was the last time I worked with him, maybe ONE DAY he'll actually hear customers compliment me on my "best lattes"...that's right. I'm not bragging I'm just trying to make myself feel better-why does one always feel SO inadequate around ones boss?! Is it just me????

Right now I'm importing all my Christmas music onto my computer. Yay!!


S.P. said...

Hey... the BEST thing in the world for a stomach bug like that is this stuff -->
Whenever we feel a bug coming on we take one of these, burp a little and all is well! Seriously, it's THAT great! They say to use it for flu symptoms, but it works WAY better for stomach bugs. It can be found at walmart and it is a little pricey, but when you have a family of five like I do and everyone is at risk of getting sick we load everyone up and forget about the cost!

donnave said...

my comment was going to be about something else...but, s.p. is right!

and, my are not the only one nervous around your boss. I don't know anyone who isn't! I even get nervous typing on my computer when a friend is next to me...go all thumbs!