November 27, 2007

"I should go Christmas Shopping"

That's what the inner voice is telling me today, but I think I'll ignore it. Afterall, its gorgeous outside...after three days of solid rain and no sun to speak of-the air is practically shopping seems like a dreadful way to bring it down. I hate shopping. Actually, strike that...I hate shopping this time of year-when I feel pressured to buy, buy, buy and I quite literally feel the crowds pressing in on me. meeeh.
Anyway, I'll wait until next week when Brett's gone and I can just stay at the malls until bed time. Boo! I miss Brett already and he's not even gone yet. Last night I had the silly thought pass through my mind that i couldnt have lived in Washington without being married to Brett because I need him to keep the bed warm. ( he's a really awesome heat-putter-outer)...and then I realized with a sinking heart that I'd have to turn up the heat next week for sure.

Work was sloooooow today, rudness abounded. Luckily the sun is still shining and I'm going to talk to Lydia on the phone. * happy sigh*


christa said...

Awww... I wish I could be there with you to keep you company while he's gone. But you know that you can call me anytime you want.

Lyds said...

Here's a hint - double electric blanket, one where you can turn one or both of the halves on. When Brett is away - leave his side on low =)