December 26, 2007


Gone our the days when Christmas holidays = relaxing. But, luckily the relaxing has been replaced by fulfilling...which is also nice...

But, yes, things have been incredibly busy, as Brett and I have negotiated our first Christmas as a "family unit" that must divide its time between two houses ( both alike in dignity) ....I have to admit before we left on this holiday of holidays I was apprehensive that by dividing up our time we would end up not making ANYONE happy...but, we've got gracious families who obviously learned how to share at an early age and for that I am eternally grateful. I know they have all be exceedingly nice to forgive us for all of our "first christmas foibles" .

Of course, all of this has left me with noooo time for blogging:
But, I'd say some of my personal highlights have been:
Getting to have a looooong girlie chat with my Bible Study girls-we had to recap six months of time apart and it was encouraging to see what God has been doing in each of their lives since I left nacogdoches ( it also gave me all the prayer-points I'll need for at least a little while. hehehe)

Singing Christmas Carols with Brett's mom and cousin.
Wrapping presents while Anna and I "gossiped"
Sitting around with my lovely friends from church-discussing our long history together.
Eating. ( period. I've gained like five pounds in a week).
Unwrapping presents with family-the giving of gifts and watching others receive gifts such fun!
Going to church. Bethlehem Mission will always be my home church...for the people there will always be my family. The encouragement of the saints knows no bounds.


donnave said...

It sounds wonderful...can hardly wait to see you two.

Anonymous said...

ugh!! Just reading this post made me tear up!! I don't know WHAT I will do when your gone.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to our world-but we have two divorced families with two blended families to appease. Wait until you have child then some of the graciousness dwindles. Just speaking from experience- oh and add living overseas to that, too!

So glad you had some time with Brett and the family. We miss the times at Aunt Johnetta's with the guys playing board games, watching Edythe sit in the big leather chair as she giggled every time her great-grandchildren would run past her, awesome food, singing at the piano with the cousins, a game of football across her street in the field, and the traditional Chinese gift exchange. One year we need to plan to go to Colorado and go skiing!

Happy New Year

Kali Shanti said...

Merry Christmas!