January 03, 2008

135 pounds

Thats how much all of our luggage weighted on the way back from "the holidays" in Texas.
Ha! You didn't think I'd go telling you my post-holiday weight did you?! Ha-ha-HA!!! Silly.
Anyway, our luggage weighed a lot and now we're back in our little apartment next to the Puget Sound where all the dreary rain and coldness and the darkess come down once again upon our heads.
However, I'm feeling relatively good at the moment ( of course, I've only been up a few short hours), having already made my to-do list for the next week ( its looooonnng).

I must admit I was down right SHOCKED yesterday when I realized that it was, indeed, our last day in Texas!!! I had only seen my friends from "the old days" once...and I hadnt hugged enough people that I'd planned on hugging...and I hadnt finished the book I was reading ( lets just say that the first two chapters that I read on the plane COMING where really good!) ...and I hadnt had nearly enough time to blog about all the excitment....time, quite literally, got away from me. *sigh*

But, I keep saying to myself that "next time we'll be great"....and I mean it. I'm pretty proud at how Brett and I got through our holidays and by "got through" I mean, had a great time. We have the best families in the world. period.

I really must now head off to start doing the things on my to-do list....Brett is "at court"...since one of his soldiers is "in trouble" and Brett's the highest commanding officer and apparently that is code for "give up one of my days off to spend it with soldier at court"...and therefore I should TRY to be productive while he's gone....( he did, however, look really hot in his Class A uniform when I got up to make him coffee this morning...so there's that.)

I just scanned my to-do list and the only thing on there that looks remotely fun is to go and buy my 2008 calendar so I can put in all the birthdays and holidays for the year....so do you think leaving the bags still packed, the house still dirty and all the christmas decorations still up to run off to target is a good idea??!!!!!

We shall see.

** Oh and also: I'm dedicating this post to Emily who I probably had some of my favorite chats with during the last two weeks, and who I am happy to say will start commenting more often on this blog since she apparently reads it so faithfully.*hint*hint ;-)


Paul James said...

hey, that's *my* post-holiday weight... pre-holiday weight too actually.

S.P. said...

Add to your "to do" list (and your new calendar):
Send Stacey an amazing birthday gift on Feb. 6th.
Go ahead. Get your calendar out. I'M WAITING.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a good week. It was nice to see you and Brett again.


Emily said...

I am not sure if this worked before or not, so I will repost just in case.

I got the hint and I am commenting.. ;)

I wish that people could just be good so that Brett could just enjoy his time off in peace.

So today I went back to work and it was CRAZY!! As if kids are not crazy enough the first day back, imagine them without power for half the day. If you are seeing total chaos in your head you are seeing my day! Thanks alot TXU what a way to start my new year! :)