January 05, 2008

Fumes and Films

I'm currently taking a break from cleaning the bathrooms....ummm....I'm one step away from jumping on the organic/no chemical cleaning product bandwagon-because I get sickish feeling pretty much every time I clean. ;-)

So, I'll take a few minutes between toliets and the floors to give you my thoughts on things. haha.

First of all, I am now the owner of a Dilbert Wall Calendar. Not as good as FarSide. But, I was getting down right shaky without having my "dates up on the wall"...so it'll do. It'll do.

Second of all, the other night Brett and I watched Paris, je t'aime....and while we just stumbled upon it at the video store ( if I'd heard of it before then, I promptly forgot.) I totally enjoyed it. Basically it is twenty, five minute short films-each taking place in each of the different sections of Paris, each centered around the theme "love in paris", each directed by a different well-known director-it was a lovely mix of surprising, heart-warming, funny and interesting. It was a surprisingly cleanish movie and I totally recommend if if you'd like something a bit off the beaten trek.

Third of all, National Treasure: Book of Secrets-the secret is...who did Nicolas Cage's hair plugs, and why havent they been fired?! Honestly, there were times during the movie where I would take a break from the ridiculous plot to just sit and ponder the horribleness of his hair. geez! Doesnt he have enough money and clot to just GO BALD already!? The color, the texture...all of it was just as unbelievable as the movies idea of a script.
But, in saying that...the movie was still really fun, and Brett and I laughed quite a bit and Brett waited until after the movie to go on a rant about how movies made with millions of dollars should get someone to show them how to correctly wear an army baret....so that was nice. ;-)


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Aww that is cute about Brett. That just doesn't seem like him at all.


Just Josh said...

I just got to watch Sunshine last night at Charles' and it was quite good. While the director is British, not French, and the movie is sci-fi, not loviedovie, I'd recommend you guys pick it up sometime after it releases on Tuesday. Although, in fairness, I probably won't be picking up Paris, je t'aime any time soon. Unless the world ends- that is - I somehow manage to be in some sort of date-ish situation.