January 04, 2008

central time

two hours.
It makes alllll the difference in the world. It was two hours that made Brett take a nap in the middle of the day yesterday...and sent us to bed at ten pm totally exhausted. And its two hours difference that has me awake right now at 6am. ugg.
Anyway, Brett's back to work-I sent him off with a kiss. At the time I was forcing myself to go back to sleep but thirty minutes later when my phone buzzed with a text from my mother I was still wide awake, so why force sleep, right?! ( I'm going to be cursing this decision later today).
I go back to work today. I'm actually excited/happy about it. I really do love my job. If only coffee house work was considered a lifelong career...you never know, maybe it can be. ;-)

So, very sad/frustrating news: I went everywhere yesterday looking for my yearly FarSide wall calendar and found that in the three days that have come and gone in 2008 ALL calendar stock has been depleated down to a dozen cat calendars, a hand full of Grey's Anatomy Calendars and a few muscle car calendars thrown in for good measure. That is all that is left. This horrible. I havent gone without my FarSide Calendar since....at least high school. I dont know what it would do to the universe if I didnt get it. And I really dont know what its going to do to the universe if I dont get a calendar up on the wall SOON.
In fact, I joked with Anna on the phone yesterday that the end of the world may be nigh-and while I was kidding at the time, I'm starting to feel really unstable.
Not having birthdays ( Stacy's was going to be added...but who knows how long I can keep that information in my brain-before I'll forget)...important Army-schedules, events I have to attend, my work schedule....all of this....I cant just keep it in my brain....no, no, no, my brain is being used for all sorts of other things. Things like song lyrics and Friends quotes.

Anyway, last chance today. I'm going to try to get to the Tacoma Mall and back ( it opens at 10...I start work at 11am) before work-and if they dont have my calendar than I'm going to have to order it on Amazon, rush deliver it and hope that I can hold up until it arrives.

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S.P. said...

Good Lord! This is a DISASTER. If you don't get your far side calendar soon, how will I get my incredible birthday gift from you?!?! HURRY! Find one quick!!!!