January 09, 2008

the new snoring

So, I lay in bed for about twenty minutes...and every couple of seconds Brett would twitch. I finally got so worried I got up and googled it to make sure he wasnt having some weird slow-motion seizure. The internet told me he was probably just over-tired. Which, after taking about a mili-second to go over how the fact that its only tuesday and this week has already lasted a life time-I agreed with the internet and decided Brett was not in danger. except from maybe keeping me awake with the twitching. ( "twitching, the new snoring")

Today/tonight was hard. But I've learned a lesson. Of sorts. I need to be BETTER about my days...so that I can be more prepared for whatever the NIGHTS might throw at me. case in point: after getting off work today my emails told me that I had the first season of Veronica Mars waiting for me at the library. ( yessss!) so off I went and then off to the store to do some "baking supplies for soldier-friends heading off to ranger school" shopping and then home again to do a little baking and a LOT of tv watching. I got sooooo lazy that I didnt even work out like I said I was going to ( in my head, I talk to myself...)-which made me rather lazy-cranky feeling by the time Brett got home at 7:30. Then things got all bad. One of the least bad things that happened was that I tripped in a hole in the parking lot outside our apartment and fell. on both my knees. and my hand. and my elbow. ( do not ask how I could have fallen on ALL these body parts at once, I am a modern day marvel.) And this was the thing that sent me over the edge. I was sooo unhappy and sad for the rest of the evening. I mean, SURE a lot of other badish things happened this evening...but it was this silly one that really sent me it the depths of dispair as Anne of Green Gables would say.
My point is, I feel like if I had been a bit more "spiritually awake" for most of my day...than I think I would have handled this evening better. In fact, I know I would have.
And this is where you can use me as an example of why "spiritual armor" is so very very necessary.

Well, I think I'll go try to push in next to my twitching husband who has taken over an entire queensized bed...the army has taught him how to take territory well. ;-)

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