January 10, 2008


So, Brett's out on the field again...but that's not much different from "normal" days so....It hardly seems worth mentioning. Instead, lets focus on positives:

My boss has started teaching me how to do coffee art! You know, the fun little pictures in foam on the top of your latte! That's right!!! I've been able to accomplish a leaf on more than one occasion. This is actually more exciting not just on the "learning new life skills" front but on the "my boss things I'm worth teaching tricks of the trade"-Its practically his idea of a promotion. Or something. Hahaha...anyway. I was excited.

Today was my day off and I had coffee with Cindy and then I went to the mall ( woo.) and followed that up with a few hours of watching Veronica Mars. Ooooh maaaaan, I just gotta love myself some teen drama! *sigh* and now I am off to my monthly Officers Wives Coffee ( aka. mixer)...which, is handy to have on a Thursday night when your husband is freezing out in the field somewhere all night long.

Wow. I thought I would have had more to say since I havent spoken to anyone since this morning. Apparently solitude grows on you ( like some sort of disease).

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donnave said...

I am so proud of my niece! A pro0motion to resident latte artist...high compliment from your German friends!