January 29, 2008

a "wintry mix"

Every time I hear that phrase I feel like its some sort of trail mix that you make with chex cereal. Someone should really get on that.
Anyway, it is currently alternating between rain and snow outside. Its nasty. But my apartment is all toasty warm. mmmmm.

I just finished wrapping Brett's birthday presents. I mean, I realize he doesnt get home till tomorrow night, but I COULDNT WAIT ANY LONGER! I love birthdays so much! I just killed me that Brett was out on the field for his birthday...meeeh. But, he'll be home soon and then he can open up his presents and the cards that he's received. :-) Yay! And I'm making his strawberry truffles that he requested this evening/tomorrow.

I'm also making cookies for the soldiers for when they get home tomorrow...

In other news, one of my little ladies who usually comes in on Tuesdays for coffee has been really sick and has had to miss her coffee dates for the past month or so-but she was finally able to make it today. As I was leaning over the counter to hug her and tell her how happy I was that she was doing better-I had to remember just how lucky I am. My job has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most lovely people.

Today, I was also able to see my coffee house connections work for the good of someone else-Amy is going to start working there too! Yay! I think she'll be a good fit, and hopefully it'll mean I get to hang out with her even more. :-) unfortunately ( for her and me) we share similar life trials since Brett and her boyfriend Luke are both Platoon Leaders in the same unit ( different companies) and I feel for her as she starts to face some of the very same horrible-nesses that *I've* been facing for the past six months...at least she can now drown her sorrows in coffee like I do. ;-)

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