January 28, 2008

no sleep and snow.

This morning I rolled out of bed after only a few hours sleep-since sleep has decided to be my not-so-nice friend of late and has alluded me at all turns...

...and I found myself outside in a little mini winter wonderland. of course, here in washington everyone freaked out and were like, "whooooa its snowing...shut down everything!"-except for coffee houses of course. Which is how I ended up watching the snow come down at work and wishing I was in bed.

Today's been kinda...blah. I think its the sleep thing. Its been about a solid week now that I haven't been able to get to sleep properly. I would say it was because the side of the bed that usually hosts Brett is currently hosting his laptop ( with Felicity season 1) ...but the lack of sleep started before he left, so he's not to blame.
Of course, that doesnt mean that I'm not REALLY REALLY wishing he'd come home, like, right now. I want my person back. Brett is definitely my person.

I did, however, fall asleep at 4pm this afternoon and just woke up at 5pm feeling all discombobulated and guilty ( now I really wont be able to sleep tonight!)

Today I bought Brett's birthday present. It was fun. The guy at GameStop was so nerdy and excited about my purchase that *I* got excited too. I told him he didnt need to put the box in a bag and he was like, "No! What if you got mugged!?!"
I told him I figured that I'd make it the 3 feet to my car. Anyway, I like nerdy/geeky guys a lot. Probably why I married one. Even though I make fun of him for it-it makes my life a lot more interesting. :-) Incidentally, I think Brett's going to like his present....

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