February 24, 2008

blah-de-blah blah

I'm tired. I have a crick in my neck and my shins hurt from running on the treadmill, like four days ago. ( ok, it was just two).

Anyway, even though its evident that I am getting old and crabby-I did have a good weekend in which on Saturday I successfully completed my first meat loaf meal and therefore celebrated Chuck's 21st birthday in style. Brett and I also re-created ( against our will) our college days by going out for drinks at TEN PM!!!! with two of his work mates. Yes, you read correctly, we LEFT the HOUSE at TEN on Friday night!!! It was awful. That's usually when we're going to bed. But, we somehow managed to have fun anyway. ;-)
And then, today, after church we sat around in an IHOP for TWO HOURS waiting for food. I nearly died of hunger.
Anyway, I complain about all of this just to tell you that I feel old sometimes. There was definitely a time in my life when I probably ( I cant actually remember) would have taken all of this in strides and not complained ( loudly) about it.
Who am I kidding!?
I've always been like this.
It's part of my charm. I'm a complainer.

Right now I'm waiting for Brett to get home from getting his hair cut. I'm wishing that I had gone with him, because its taking a really long time.

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Louise said...

hehe so you never did start doing his haircuts?