February 06, 2008

"clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!"

...Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!"

Ok, was it only at MY church nursery that we sang that song?!

Anyway, I feel like singing that song right about now and then having a WHOLE bunch of maids come through the walls and clean the apartment for me. House work is my LEAST favorite thing to do while I'm sick. strike that. Its my least favorite thing to do period.

Nonetheless it has come to this: its my day off, the house is totally dirty, and the embarrassment of this fact is starting to take its toll. So instead of watching T.V. in my PJs like I would like to, I will be dusting vacuuming and mopping like there is no tomorrow ( actually, if there was no tomorrow I totally wouldn't clean at all. This would be the time for God to give me a little heads up about the end times....)

I must now leave this post, because my nose is in need of a tissue and their still in the bedroom...gotta run. hahaha! get it?! "run" like my nose!?! hahahaha!
Ok. no. nevermind.


Christa said...

I miss you.:((

Kali Shanti said...

I went to Christ Episcopal School and we sang that song!

Amy said...

1. never sang that song
2. my nose could totally beat your nose
3. i think the only cure to this is a blueberry muffin
4. i would really like a muffin RIGHT NOW
5. do you think i look like im in high school?

Anonymous said...

Oh My! I totally remember you teaching me that song! How random is that . . . ?

This is Esther by the way, I can't figure out how to make my name show up in this ridiculous new comment format.