February 08, 2008

the cold that was reborn

So, APPARENTLY my body was like, "hey, we had SO MUCH fun with that last cold...lets do it all again!"

Here's how it went:

Thursday: Sore Throat, feeling of tiredness
Friday: REALLY tired, feelings of possible death, really sore throat
Saturday: Pretty sure already dead. Sore throat + cough
Sunday: Sexy Smokers voice appears with more coughing
Monday: Nose starts to get stopped up, cough works its way into chest
Tuesday: Nose runs like its going all marathon training on me, still coughing
Wednesday: Nose wont stop running, box of tissues connected to hip, buuuuut cough is gone
Thursday: Nose runny but slowly gets better, by the night you'd never have thought I was sick!!! ( YAY!!)

And then we get to today...around 3pm this afternoon my throat started to get all sore and phlemy again and I just feel like getting into my PJs and staying there forever...

WAIT!?! What happened?! Did I catch some elses cold?! can you get the same cold again only after 24 hours of not having it?!!??!

I hate Washington and its rainy cold dampness that makes me a little walking petree dish.


Emily said...

if it makes you feel any better about your location we are all sick here in Nac as well. I am on round 5 of this crap!! I am starting to think it will never end!! I have tried every drug known to man! Currently I am taking something from the doctor with codine.. at least I can finally sleep at night!! :) I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Judy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you hate Washington - please hang in there! You'll find that with the rain comes beautiful days of sunshine and incredible flowers (such as fields of tulips in every color of the rainbow - almost - no green ones I don't think!). It is a special spot in God's great creation. I am praying for you! Not sure you got my e-mail earlier this week. Blessings and speedy recovery to you!
In our Jesus - Judy (Harmon)

Lyds said...

I am not an immunologist, but unfortunatly I have heard that you can get the same cold twice - off yourself. It is often worse the second time. Take good care of yourself as it will be much hard to shake this second time round. It may be time to good see the good old Dr.
Praying you get well asap! **HUGS**

Carmi said...

THat sucks so much...what is UP with you and being sick? Seriously...hopefully you are going to have the immune system of Captain Planet after all these illnesses.

S.P. said...

Hahahaha! Laughing... much laughing.....