February 22, 2008

creature of habit.

So, a few months I started drinking soy milk in my lattes....it added this nice nutty flavor without being super sweet...plus it was good for me, right? Anyway, last week I mentioned this to Cindy when we were meeting for coffee and she was like, "noooo...it is actually BAD for you!" and then started to list all the HORRIBLE side affects that soy can have on your body. So, this past week I "tried to quit" but i gotta admit to you right now that I'm drinking a soy latte with white chocolate right now.
I just tastes so GOOOOOD. meeeeh! Can someone tell me once and for all if I'm really doing a number on my body right now? Because I suppose if someone other than the internet ( and Cindy..hahah!) can tell me that its bad than MAYBE I'd stop...maybe. Let's face it. I'm not very good at quitting things once I get started. ;-) .....so its lucky I dont really drink much and I dont smoke at all...and I only have vices like soy milk and project runway.

This week has been weird. Brett and I haven't had particularly lots of time together, various obligations have kept us apart until 10 pm the past two nights-yet, I've found it oddly satisfying that wherever I am without Brett, or whatever I'm doing waiting for him to get home I think about him and can't help but smile and delight in the idea that I will get to talk to him soon ( ish). And that's a blessing...at least he's been home which isn't always the case. *sigh* Anyway, he's my favorite person and just about the only person I care to tell about the events of my day....and if that means if I have to wait until 10pm to do it. Fine. I'll learn to deal eventually. ;-)

Oh! Forgot to mention Definitely, Maybe NOT a good chick flick...I mean, I appreciate that the writers were probably trying to add some sort of "level of reality" to the movie which I am guessing they thought was a good idea...but...HAHAHA...I gotta laugh, since WHEN has reality been something I want to watch ( unless its reality tv which is totally different)!?! If I'm going to pay$ 7.50 to be entertained I'd like for my romantic comedy to be wrapped up all pretty like, with the ending I want, thankyouverymuch.
So that was a bust.

But, at least I got to hang out with Katie and Edie, right? That was a bonus. :-)

Today is my day off, just in case you were wondering what I was doing blogging while drinking a latte...I'm NOT on the job and I DID pay for this drink. I'm at Forza's in Du Pont...I find that if I want to sit with my laptop and bible and have uninterrupted time-than its best to do it where I dont know pretty much EVERY SINGLE person that comes in the door. Anyway, today I'm meeting up with Cindy again-which I try to do once a week-and look forward to for days. And then I'm going to the commissary to buy the ingredients for Chuck's Birthday Request Dinner...he's asked for meat loaf and mashed potatoes and biscuits.....and we're having TEN people for the dinner. I gotta tell you, I'm a tad apprehensive about this meal. You see, besides "party food" I havent prepared a meal for more than EIGHT people ( that's how many chairs we have at our table) and...here's the kicker....I have NEVER even TASTED meat loaf, much less MADE IT. The very idea of it grosses me out. hahaha...so there's the nice little mess I've gotten myself in for this week! Meh!

Anyway, so today is me trying to figure out how the heck to pull off this meal. Which brings me to my interesting oint of the day:

It turns out that people dont like a grumpy giver. You see, I've started to realize that when my meal doesnt turn out perfectly, or how I thought it would, I will feel very much like pouting. Which I then do. And I'm starting to see ( duh!) that people don't REALLY care so much if the food's good...but they DO care if they have to contend with a sour chief. So, I'm trying to be happier even when things don't turn out just the way I want. ;-) Eh. After I just read that last paragraph to myself I thought about how all you sweet readers are probably shaking your head at me right now...since this is a very OBVIOUS lesson. Ah well, what's new? Abigail is always having to learn valuable yet simple lessons. :-) That's just how i roll.

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Lyds said...

It is true soy, and soy products are bad for you. Especially for the likes of you and Emma given the causes of the operations you have both had in the last few years. And here's the citation for you: Em's specialist for said operation =)

Sorry to totally burst your bubble. But what are friends for but to tell us the truth?

P.S. This time tomorrow I will be lougning around having dropped my thesis off at the binders. YAY!!!