February 20, 2008


So, first of all...before I forget go to this link here and comment on this picture to help my father win a $25,000 trip to ANYWHERE in the world!!! COME ON! How awesome is that?!

Next of all, I havent blogged in a few days, mostly because our internet connection ( that we steal) isnt working very well. BOO and also because, there really hasnt been too much going on...

Last night Brett and I spent an extra long amount of time discussing the possible job changes that the army may be giving him in the next few months...its crazy when you look at your life and realize that OTHER PEOPLE have control over what you do day in and day out...luckily Brett and I know that while "army" may think they have the reigns over Brett's life, we know better...God'll totally sort it all out! But, you can be praying for Brett and his future "career moves", you see, Brett will be promoted to CAPTAIN probably no later than June. On one hand this is cool because I'll get to say that I'm a captain's wife...and who hasnt wanted to do that?! And its cool because we'll get a raise, and who doesnt like money? Buuuut, its uncool because it'll probably mean the end of Brett's time as a platoon leader-which he has loved. And, according to him, it means that people start "noticing you"...which, I dont exactly know what that means...but I'm thinking not nice. So boo.

Last night I also got tickled by something retarded and laughed for a solid fifteen minutes. About minute 7 I started to try and think if I'd inadvertently taken any drugs-but I couldnt think of anything. I guess I just needed a good laugh. Plus crying. I did, however worry, that Brett might think I was crazy. It was a bit weird. even for me.

In other news, its been sunny for four days. IN. A. ROW. This makes me beyond happy. It doesnt make me stop wishing for Spring/Summer...but still, happy nonetheless! :-)

Tonight I'm going to see a girly chick flick with some of my bible study girls *grin*.....and since Brett and I went to the movies this weekend too...that means indepth movie reviews are coming soon! Stay tuned! :-)

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Paul James said...

Well I hope your Papa wins (and takes lots of pictures!).

oh, and I have never wanted to be called a captain's wife... but I do plan on having my kids call me Papa because that is just plain cool.