March 20, 2008


It seems lately that my hijacked internet access has thwarted me every time I mean to blog...but here's what I've been doing/thinking lately.

Finished reading The Hobbit. Considered reading Lord of the Rings next ( even though I was going to try going a year without reading it...) but I just started a really fabulous book on Burma ( now Myanmar) I'll probably forestall that plan..

Brett had Monday and Tuesday off from work ( yay!) and he did important things like do our taxes ( although we're still waiting on last minute info before we can completely check that one off the list) and fixing the comfy chair in our living room ( that finally gave in to all the "flopping" that it endured day in day out. He also did some sleeping in and some hanging out with guys he doing bible that made me extra happy.

This week I have also been extra worried about the new uprising in Tibet and the consequent added persecution of the people of Tibet. I'm totally turning into a human rights activist. ;-)

Other than that I just finished editing the short story of one of my customers. That's right, after a 45 minute chat with a guy, hearing all about his story he came back several days later, tracked me down and asked me to edit his short story...for free of course. Not that I mind. Its kind of crazy that this is the stuff that happens when you're a barrista! And speaking of which, I'm working on a few more little vignettes on some of my regular customers...we'll see if I end up putting them on the blog or not, but either way its a good exercise of the mind.

Of course, its not all roses in the coffee world. Continuing drama between coworkers has come to include even myself. I cannot TELL you how upsetting this is. I have tried ever so hard to STAY OUT of the backstabbing and the gossiping-but I have fallen prey after customers started to complain about other coworkers to me in the morning about when they come in at night...of course, no matter WHAT customers might say, I feel bad that I repeated what I'd learned...uggy. Its hard to know what to do sometimes. And I hate it when I find that even *I* can fall into the gossiping trap. BLAH.

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