March 15, 2008

Mostly Muffins

"mostly muffins" is the name of the company that supplies our muffins, scones, and breads everyday...I like the name. its cute.
But, last night I made two batches of my OWN muffins for the girls brunch this morning...I think they were a hit..and more importantly, I think the brunch went well.

Luckily, God hit me over the head with a "its not all about you" stick a few days ago and I've been doing a bit better in the discouraged department.

And ultimately this week can only be cause for praise, since it seemed that every day when Brett got home from work he was telling me about a new development among those that he works with, of guys starting to do quiet times and asking Brett to help them and keep them accountable. Sometimes, I feel like these are the little lightening bugs in the darkness that light up for a few seconds to remind you of the true a bigger light that comes in the morning....

In other news, Brett has Monday and Tuesday and Friday off in the coming week. Of course, I am scheduled to work for ALL of said days, since usually I get Friday off I wasnt too worried about asking for time off, but then low and behold the schedule came out and I'm working EVERY day that Brett is off. :-**(. But, I wont complain too much, since the really important thing is that Brett only has work for two days next week and that's definitely cause for extreme excitment!!

Now, I'm off to make dinner, since Chuck and Bethany will be joining us I'll try to put a little more effort into my weekend cooking. Bethany is staying with us until Sunday, since her spring break just started and her dorms shut down on Friday...sadly, I dont know how "relaxing and quiet" our house can be described at the moment since I was kept up half the night last night ( as was Bethany...Brett slept straight through it all....) by our rowdy next door neighbors yelling and screaming outside the apartments with their friends....uuuuuggggg! Will Iever have nice, normal neighbors?!


Anonymous said...

I miss you! I'm looking forward to this run ending and weekends being less crazy so hopefully we can finally catch up!

Anonymous said...

haha... sorry about your neighbors. when i was looking through my pictures the other day i found the picture of the evil dog downstairs. i sure dont miss that dog..not to mention that witch lady.


Anonymous said...

Awww . . . loved the lightning bug illustration. What an encouragement!

No, Abigail, you will NEVER have normal neighbos . . . just try to think of them as blessings in extraordinarilly good disguises ;)

Love, Esther