March 21, 2008

Good Friday!

Well, here we are folks. Apparently, Brett has "today off"...although, its 9am and he's been at work since...oooooh.....five-so he's coming up on a half day of work already. However, I shouldn't complain about it, right? I mean, he's supposedly coming home soon and then we're going to go to Bellevue ( about an hour away, close to Seattle...poshy shopping and good restaurants= we're going there.) and that's definitely something we couldnt do on a NORMAL work day....

Anyway, I'm blogging right now because I'm procrastinating the running on the treadmill thing that is inevitably the only thing I need to do this morning...and the only thing I dont want to do this blogging is the thing I'll do till I finally give in.

But, in honor of today, today being Good Friday-the day we traditionally "celebrate" Jesus's suffering and finally death on a Cross, a feat that basically means that you and I no longer have to face Death along with our sinful selves-because Jesus took ALL the bad, blatantly anti-Godlike things you've ever done and took them on himself and therefore recieved the FULL brunt of God's wrath.....which means that Sin no longer has any power over my life and yours if you'll have it, it means that the wrath of God will never knock on my door, because Jesus already paid the while the whole death and dying thing seems rather awful to be celebrating-what that death and dying means for my life is rather amazing and wonderful. And so celebrate I will....

God showed His own love for us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ Died for US.

After the last few days of seeing myself fall short and be very un-Godlike, I'd have to say that verse has definitely hit home.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend!! Have a great Easter Sunday!!


Friday said...

Eloquence. Abigail has it.
Happy (late) Easter!