March 03, 2008

"If I could turn back tiiiimmme."

That is what Mike was singing on the way to Bible Study last night, and we all had to laugh. For one thing it was funny to hear mike singing a high eighties song. And then, it was also really true. We'd all had a really short weekend.

I suppose I shouldnt except any less considering my WEEKS fly by really quickly, of course, the weekends are going to do the same.
Anyway, weekend in review:
On Friday night it was like college all over again. And by that I mean we played a whole bunch of party games like Mafia and the Namegame which I pretty much played ALL the TIME in Dunedin. And we stayed up until 1am again.
That would be two weekends in a row. I dont know WHAT we were thinking. Brett and I need our sleep. Or at least, I do.
And this is proven by the fact that right now I'm drinking tea and honey and blowing my nose every 15.5 seconds.

So, that was Friday night.

Saturday Brett and I bought things, things like running shoes for Abigail, presents for other people, and avocados. We also went and saw Vantage Point, which I DO recommend even though there was a part of the movie that *I* felt was SO unbelievable that I said, ( rather loudly) "OH PLEEEAAAASE!" and Brett "shh"-ed me. And then, when the movie was over we stayed in our seats while the credits rolled having a very heated "conversation" about movies that have stupid unbelievable elements to them and why or why not we like them. Brett got very animated.

It was intense.

And then we were going to have a "quiet night" in which was going to include me making homemade "samosas" ( not to be confused with the alcoholic drink "Mimosas" ) from leftover mash potatoes, curry and frozen pie crusts....they were YUMMY and EASY to make and if you want the recipe let me know...I share.
Anyway, it turned out we were in need of some one-on-one chatting with our friend Wes and so over he came and then, I felt like we needed more girls at this gathering so over Genevieve and Kristen came and of course Chuck and Bethany came over much later ( because they pretty much always do) and there I was with a full house again! hahaha! This just proves, sometimes I cant help myself.

I'm really running late this morning so I'll close this blog now by saying that Sunday included another REALLY good sermon at church. Seriously, I am continually overwhelmed by how blessed I have been by being given such wonderful fellowships whereever the Lord has taken me. Our pastor Bruce is preaching on all cylinders and its really really good. :-) And this sunday was potluck sunday, which meant I got to eat two desserts and not get judged so, of course, I'm down with that.

And now I'm off to run errands before work. Its raining again, and my nose is seriously out of control. Oh the life of a girl with a bad immune system!

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Anonymous said...

I miss you!! I wish I could be there on those fun weekends. Unfortunatly I am pretty much in a relationship with my books right now so free weekends are pretty much unheard of. I can't WAIT to graduate.