March 05, 2008

Mouth Breather

So, I didnt even know what this meant until I watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time...but usually ( and I hate to stereo type) "Mouth Breathers" are nerds.

Well. I'm a nerd.

Because my nose is like an ever-flowing fountain.

Oh yes, I have ANOTHER cold. And I am now officially thinking about changing the name of this blog to Abigail's Current Physical Affliction ( the only drawback is the name is too long) because I feel like I'm always writing to tell you what is wrong with me now. *sigh*

I promise there has to be something better to talk about....but whatever....I'm doing it anyway.... last night I was so excited about getting some nose spray shot up my nose ( if you know the women in my family, you know we have a tendency to like nose spray a little too much) so I could sleep like a baby....but NOOOOOOooOOO...this nose spray, for whatever reason, decided to drip into my MOUTH and make it feel numb/on fire ( yes, both) and it was AWFUL! Poor Brett listened to me moan for longer than any man should have to endure such things after a long day at work....but eventually the other drugs I had taken kicked in and knocked me I could dream about giant scorpions attacking babies in Amy King's house....yeah. pretty much.

In other news, even with my cold I followed what my calendar told me to do ( something I'd written last week when I wasnt ill) and joined Curves. Yup, I was a member of Curves for two years in Nacogdoches and it was beneficial...and i loved it...mostly because my sister and I would go together and we'd talk for the straight thirty minutes of work out time. It was great. But, I pretty much felt like I could never go to a different Curves because Anna wouldnt be there and that thought was too much to bare....however, about ten pounds of fat rolls and the resurrection of my "fat pants" have sent me back, Anna or no. So, yesterday I talked to Crystal the Curves Worker for an HOUR and shared all sorts of personal things with her ( no social skills on her part) and worked out with two old ladies. Just my style :-) And, I'm pretty sure if I wasnt working at The Coffee Shop I'd probably want to work at Curves...because basically it would be JUST like my job now ( getting paid to talk to people all day) just without the coffee ( which, lets face it, would be a huge drawback).

Brett has to go to work at 2am tonight ( tomorrow?! how do you classify that?!) and therefore will have to go to bed as SOON as he gets home tonight. This stinks. But, I'm trying to remain positive and think about the loverly month of February-when he hardly had ANY horrible days/nights.


Merissa said...

hi abbey, haven't visited her in a while! I am sorry to hear you are sick. Curves sounds like a blast, i am thinking of it myself...
how's married life? Hope you feel better! (I am enduring an evil migraine myself at the moment)

Lyds said...

Maybe I should sell you my vitamins... I haven't been sick in ages. Maybe it's cause I import my vitamins from Texas? Lets add it to our ever gowning list of things we need to cover on our next phone date - whenever that is (I'm getting desperate!).

Anonymous said...

well if its any comfort i exhausted myself by dreaming that i was doing any work. as if the work i actually did wasnt enough. i truly am a moron. also, ive decided that i actually LIKE the teachers at the coffee house. i can explain this later if that seems shocking to you.
t-minus two days until registry city -- a city full of registering!