March 30, 2008

The lost Day(s)

Good grief! I have nooo idea what that was! But, boy howdy, I hope its over! I am feeling much better insane headache, no fever, no need to sleep continually for hours on end....I do however have sever pains in my legs ( eh?!)...but whatever, its official. I'm an old lady in a young person's body.
I'm going to try to go to the doctor this week ( I dont know if I've ever taken the time to explain the army "way" of doing doctors appointments but its somewhere between the short story "The Lottery" and the Ebay auction from hell. ) basically appointments "open up" twenty-four hours before they at 8am tomorrow I could "possibly" call and get an appointment for 8am on Tuesday...and so on. Also, its "possible" to get appointments that people have canceled so calling back, over and over again is the only way to go. It stinks.
But its free, right? :-P

I suppose it would be worth it, however, if the doctors told me why I am perpetually sick. As long as I dont have some rare blood disease that will leave me lifeless at the age of twenty-five I'm good.

So, hey, what DID I do other than sleep this weekend?! Well, I hung out with Brett...which was very important since he's leaving tomorrow for four days. Blah.
So we watched Pride and Prejudice: The Colin Firth Edition ( that's what it should be called) in bed. It was grand, and by the was NOT my idea to watch it either! Brett read Pride and Prejudice some months ago and has been on a quest to watch all the "worthy" adaptations of it ever sense...oh yes! We also watched Bride and Prejudice last week. HAHAHAHA! I've got myself quite the awesome army guy, havent I? But it shoudl be noted that we watched Babylon Five ( after all, Brett isnt very girlie at all, it turns out)
And today we listened to an old Navigator's sermon and we did our Bible Studies.

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Lyds said...

Do you remember when we watch the whole 5hrs straight of P&P in first year? I think we were doing at time Darcy crazy by the end of it!!!