March 31, 2008

lottery winner.

I have a doctors appointment on Friday. 9am.

Brett is gone, he left this morning. Blah.
So far today it has been: sunny, raining, hailing and a little snow mixed in. Weird.

Sometimes I love my coffee shop a whole whole lot:
Daniel is reading a book off our our bookshelves ( Daniel is actually one of Brett and my friends...who's leaving very soon for Iraq so until he leaves he's not very "busy")

Americano-in-his-own-travel mug-guy is sitting in the corner on his lap top.

Sugar Free, Non-Fat Vanilla Latte lady ( who I'm currently writing about in a separate piece) is working by the window.

And four little old ladies are looking over their calendars together up in the front.

All in all there is a happy vibe in here today.

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Anonymous said...

I love how you describe the people in your coffee shoppe. It sounds like something I would say. You know what they drink and what they are doing but you don't know their names. In my cause it would be that I was too shy too ask them their names.