March 27, 2008

So Far...

Today I got up. Watched two episodes of Angel season 1.
Ate a bran muffin ( that I baked last night...I've switched over from love of cupcakes to love of muffins...) and drank coffee.
Read blogs.
Talked to God for a bit.
Went and lay in the "fake sun" ( it snowed last I had to get some warmth from somewhere!) for about ten minutes
Went and worked out.
Ate leftover rice and veggies.
Took a shower.

And now its noon.

But, considering that I was up until 1am last night...I'm very happy with my morning of lazy. Last night I waited up for Brett ( against his orders of "go to bed without me") and made him an egg salad sandwich and gave him a shoulder massage ( poor guy had marched over 13 miles with heaviness on his back. meeh!) before finally falling into bed. Brett amazes me pretty much every single day, I would honestly have NOT been able to get up this morning at 6:30 to head off for an even LONGER day...he's truly amazing.

I'm now off to look for a dress to wear to my sister's totally amazing 30th birthday party. The sister of the birthday girl must look hot. Its required.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful with that fake sun baking. It can cause all sorts of problems when you are older.