March 26, 2008

perspective and moms

I'm pretty sure someone should crochet this on a pillow or something because it's true: Moms are matter HOW old you are, and even if they arent even your mother.

It seemed that I'm not the first newly wed to have a nice little freak out in the grocery store (or just about anywhere for that matter)....and apparently my blog post was a cry for some motherly love because I got some good Mom advice out of the deal ( can I just say its almost BETTER to have your friends MOTHERS read your blog than your friends themselves-no offense). I literally ( last time it was "figurative" crying over the Beef deep freeze) cried while reading my emails. Sometimes its just a relief to hear from women that you admire and trust that you need to take things in strides.

So, I'm not insane. Just a little crazy.

Now, I'm off to clean the kitchen and the bathrooms and wait for Brett to get home "probably after midnight"....what's depressing about THAT?! hahaha!

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