April 08, 2008

air quotes

Last night I "watched" the NCAA basketball game....but it was good fun because I got to talk to good friends for several hours with only mild interruptions of yelling.

I am currently "working" which basically means I'm sending Ryan my first Anna Karenina email because yesterday I was able to read the first ten chapters also while I was "working"...so that just tells you how slow it has been lately. :-(

I'm basically "over" the whole "You look pregnant" thing because it turned out to be my hit joke last night...and honestly, I'd pretty much go through anything if its going to insure me a good story later. ( carmi know's I'm telling the truth)

I suppose that fact makes me "weird" ...but, HA! What's new?!

( this post is actually better if I actually read it to you and actually DO the air quotes...so just imagine me doing that, and it'll be way funnier.)

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Carina said...

Word. That's how I salvaged most of my "experiences" in Malawi...EXCELLENT story telling material...used it just the other day.