April 09, 2008


So, I read Anna Karenina for waaaaay a long time yesterday. I know, I know, I should pace myself since I supposedly I am reading it with three other people, one of whom only got the book yesterday...but self-control has never been my main strength.

Also, if you want Pot Roast leftovers come to my house...I've got LOTS...you see, remember a looooong time ago how I was going to make pot roast for a bunch of people?! Well, instead I got really sick so I put the roast in the freezer, but THEN I thought I'd get to have another opportunity over the weekend to feed people so I thawed the baby out...but nooooo, instead of potROAST there was potLUCK at church-so because of my major fear ( seriously its high on my list) of food going bad I made my potroast yesterday and even though we had Mike and Katie over for dinner there is still SOOOO much left. So, yeah...pot roast is what we're eating at the Wilson's....blah.

In other very, very important news: Brett and Abigail have finished watching ALL FIVE SEASONS of Babylon 5. Oh yes, after Brett received said seasons as a Christmas gift from his mother we have been watching them HARDCORE for four months. And finally its over. I gotta say I'm kinda sad because I mean, the whole experience was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me:

Season1: Abigail mocks show mercilessly...I mean, seriously, how CHEESY Can you get!? Aliens with big, weird hair! Monologues of drama that would make a soap-opera blush at the melodrama, and a space station that seems to have only five people that can actually speak unless needed for the plot function of a particular episode.
Season 2: Abigail continues to half-heartedly mock show (when she remembers) but secretly is glad when Brett suggests watching it.
Season 3: Abigail will often suggest to Brett that he MIGHT want to watch it if, ya know, he wants to....
Season 4: Abigail is totally into it! I mean, the character development! Who would have THOUGHT G'Kar and Londo's lives would be intertwined so much?! How amazing that Shadow war would move straight into a revolutionary war on earth?!
Season 5: Abigail is TOTALLY over B5...I mean, seriously, lamest season ever! How could they go down hill so fast?! How could they kill off one of my favorite characters?! How could they send another favorite character "out into space"?! And how much do I hate that long-haired whiny dude?!

So, as you can see...its been a tough, tough road...haha!

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Anonymous said...

Abigail . . . you are HILARIOUS!

I was reading this post and cracking up, And everyone was like "Esther, what is so funny?"

But I was laughing sooo much I couldn't even answer them . . . Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh.
Love you, Esther