April 02, 2008


Well, sort of....I lost my voice. The weird thing is I didnt even KNOW that I'd lost my voice until I showed up at work this morning, opened my mouth. And nada....

Ugg. Luckily, I'm going to the doctor on Friday....I don't even feel THAT bad...just no voice, and I dont feel like running a marathon either. ( but when do I ever feel like that?)

Life, however, must go on...for instance tonight I really NEED special divine intervention because I must go deal with a drama that has escalated out of control. I dont even know where to begin in explaining it, but basically I was giving a job in the "Wives Club" for Army along with the other Platoon Leader's wife, and then...the girls we're replacing got very very upset....lots of accusations about the "club" turning to "wives flaunting their husband's rank" and so on and so forth. To be honest, I was shocked by it all...I had been under the impression that the girls we were replacing WANTED to be replaced and that they KNEW about the change...both not true. Of course, it all of this, dear readers-I'd like for you to keep in mind the grand irony in the whole matter is that Abigail wanted NOTHING to do with ANY of it from the beginning...and I ONLY took the position because I felt OBLIGATED. Stupid.
I do however, pray for wisdom. I still dont know quite how I am suppose to fit into this whole Army business. I mean, I have half a mind to retreat back into my "I dont bother you, you dont bother me" mentality towards the military...but I'm not really convinced that's really right. I mean, I'm suppose to help my husband in his career, right? ugg.

Annnnyway, in other much better news: I can cross something off my "LIFE GOALS" list. Last night Edie taught me how to make a pie crust from scratch. That's right. I am victorious. I'll post pictures as soon as I get a chance.


Carina said...

I still find this whole "Abigail and the Army" thing hilarious...and ironic. Ahhahahaha that is me laughing because other people care about the army and you don't. It's like winning a beauty pageant by accident.

donnave said...

Yes, a la "Miss Congeniality".

See you in Nac!

Anonymous said...

You're coming to Nac?


Love, Me (Ezther;)

Emily said...

YIKES! sounds sticky and not fun at all! I will be praying! It is beyond ironic though, I cant lie! Hope it all comes out ok.

When are you guys coming to Nac?