April 29, 2008

What a big fat non-shocker.

I’ve got a new army slogan: “Army: sucking optimism out of people since, well, probably since the beginning.”

Luckily I was a quick army learner so I’d already come up with several Kansas jokes to ease the pain of the news that Brett just gave me.

Here’s the news that Brett gave me-and of course he was kind enough to remind me that just about all of it could change if that’s what the army wanted to do….of course, he didn’t need to remind me of that fact, after all…I’ve learned my lesson.

Go on leave in July. Report to Fort Riley, Kansas August 17th. Leave for Iraq November 16th.

So, yeah, wow.

Now there is all sorts of things that need to be decided-most of which is “where in the world should Abigail live?!”

Of course, I will be going with Brett to Fort Riley for his four months pre-Iraq time, but does that mean we should actually move-move there? Or just short-term move there and actually move-move somewhere else?! I need some big God wisdom here.

For one thing, I am taking into consideration that before we received last weeks shocker news I had just taken a trip to Texas, a trip that while it was fun I was also overwhelming struck with the fact that I no longer fit in. As I headed back to Washington I felt like the Texas door had officially shut. I had no idea how important that fact would be…. So, now we’ve got the choice of me staying on Washington where I feel like I’m not yet finished with the life we’ve got going here, or going to Kansas which is…well a big fat blank…and yet, I’m very scared of staying in a place which God says is finished. I’m so afraid that I’ll ignore what God wants…just because it’s scary (Kansas is totally scary) and just because I want to stay here.

On the other hand it seems so silly to move to Kansas, a place where Brett will only live for four months. ( once Brett returns from Iraq, he will be sent to the Captain Career Course almost immediately…and that is in either Georgia or Kentucky) …I kind of want to live in a place that people actually KNOW Brett…a place where he knows the people that I’ll most likely be talking about. Most of all I want Brett to be a part of my life even when he’s gone and it just doesn’t seem as easy when it’ll be Kansas….of course, we haven’t lived in Kansas yet. Afterall, we will be there for four months. Maybe it’s the United States best kept secret. Maybe the phrase, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Was said in a tragic voice….maybe its not in black in white afterall.

So, there's that....

Yes, it is very much officially Brett and I need some serious, hardcore prayer. So many changes, so many new challenges, so many goodbyes, so many plans to be made, so many, so many, so many....I would never have guessed a month ago that this would be a summer of leaving...I never would have guessed that May and June would be last months in Washington. Its just shocking that I will probably not even have my one year anniversary of living in Washington before having to leave it.
Its just shocking, shocking, shocking.

Oh, wait....I forgot about my sarcastic title...why can I not learn my army-lessons?! Why do they continually thwart my plans!?

Oh well, Brett isnt getting home until midnight ( or later) tonight so as you can see...I have plenty of time to blog about this...thank goodness I've got two parties to plan this weekend or I'd be stark raving mad right now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Abbey. I can only imagine what it is like for you and Brett right now. Such a huge thing to face so early in your married life. I have no pearls of wisdom to offer ...yet...just know I'm praying for you both. None of this has come as a surprise to God though, and He has an awesome plan wrapped up in this seeming chaos. I'll be praying for divine, and clear, guidance for you both.
Lots of love,
Jenny (Lydia's Mum)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like life is pretty crazy right now...let me know if you want to catch up at some stage. Louise

donnave said...

Of course I will be praying.
Had a random thought...why not stay in one of those suite hotels in Kansas? Then, you can stay in Washington or have your stuff moved elsewhere for after his deployment, but you would be free. Free to be with Brett, whenever and wherever. Just a thought to expand your thinking (or give you one more choice).

Amy said...

I say, four months of base housing and come back here. We'll take care of you. I promise to make you muffins all the time and we'll go running so the muffins dont make us fat. It'll be fabulous.
Many hugs and I'll see you later today with whatever face you need me to have (supportive face or sarcastic face, I'm down).
Oh guess what. God just told me (in the Bible, not in actual words, as cool as that wouldve been since you know God talking and all is only a once in a blue moon thing) that He's totally in control. So you know, keep that in mind. What is supposed to happen WILL HAPPEN, no matter how much we freak out about it or the Army tries to mess it up (Ive decided the army is less the tool of God making your life move and more the tool of the devil trying to show God up, but of course He isn't down with that at all and it just won't work).

Anonymous said...

All I have to say about Army is that they better at least give Brett a seal for marksmanship and a gorilla for sand racing. (get the quote?)

Well, I am also praying for you! This doors closed/doors open business is no fun, but if you do decide that you can come back to Texas for an "extended" trip, or any length of visit, I will be there. I am moving there in May and will stay until I get into LSU in August 2009. Maybe this "academic break" got put in my lap for this reason? I really can't guess, but it is nice to know that I will be available. :)

-Amy K.